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FOBIA War chest

Update: as of 02/27/05 9:23PM $279.00 has been contributed.

We're tapped out. Phone expenses, legal filing, office supplies, bumper stickers, etc, etc. etc.

All this takes money. The core of people involved in saving the Aquarium are incurring personal bills between $200.00 to $600.00 
We don't mind spending our own, and are glad to do it. However, your contribution will streamline our efforts and increase our effectiveness.

Can you write it of as a non-profit donation? No. Our organization is slightly more than a month old. Although we are in the process of applying for non-profit status, we don't have it yet. You'll derive no benefit from contributing to the war chest, other than knowing that you're helping to save the Belle Isle Aquarium.  This is a personal account, but I will endeavor to make the transactions transparent to the FOBIA officers and public.

 On PayPal, you will see FOBIA Web admin Stephen Goodfellow's personal PayPal email address:

Click to donate to FOBIA War chest
You can also make a pledge to the Belle Isle Aquarium (not the war chest) which will be tax deductible by the time we ask you to honor your pledge.