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Friends of Belle Isle Aquarium Board  - 6/28/2005

It may seem like rather dull news, but the fact that FOBIA now has a governing board installed makes us an organization with some real teeth. We are ready to get out there and dedicate ourselves to that which we have pledged: The re-opening of the Belle Isle Aquarium.
Here is a list of Board Members:

  • Kathleen Alan - President
  • Cheryl Anderson-Small
  • Jennifer Boardman - Secretary
  • Charlie Bristol - Treasurer
  • Stephen Goodfellow - Vice President
  • Murry Gula
  • Vance Patrick
  • Harriet Saperstein
  • Diane Sawyer
  • Doug Sweet
  • Glen Wash
  • Sam Washington

001_fobia_board_dinner_062805 002_fobia_board_kate_harriet_charlie_2005 fobia_board_01_2005 fobia_board_02_2005 fobia_board_kate_keith_062805
Fobia_board_dinner, DYC Kate_Harriet_Charlie fobia board meeting fobia_board Kate, Keith
Vance Jennifer