- Dedicated to the continuity and preservation of the Belle Isle Aquarium -

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About Us

The Friends of Belle Isle Aquarium is a non-profit group,
which formed in mid January of 2005 due to the announcement
of the closing of the Aquarium.  Our goal is to preserve the century old Belle Isle Aquarium and secure this educational icon for future generations.

Forming in January of 2005, we have teamed with other
non-profit groups to keep this cultural icon open.  Our mission is
supported by the Governor of Michigan, the Detroit City Council, and many other influential groups.  

We carry our mission by spreading literature to schools,
churches, aquarium guests, and appearing on television and
radio news.  We also sell t-shirts, hand flags, car flags, bumper
stickers and candy in front of the aquarium every weekend to
raise funds for the jewel of the city.

Our future plan for the Aquarium includes to keep it open as its
original function as an aquarium, so that families from around the
country cans enjoy its unique collection of animals and
architecture.  We have a strategic plan and a detailed business plan for the operating of the aquarium for the next several years.

The Friends of Belle Isle Aquarium membership includes  
talented volunteers who are experienced in areas such as law,
accounting, marketing, fundraising and ichthyologists.  
Our membership is open to citizens who know the importance of
the Belle Isle Aquarium to the Detroit area and Michigan.  

The Friends of Belle Isle Aquarium is exempt from Federal income tax under section 501{c)(3)of the Internal Revenue Code.

You can contact FOBIA directly by email or phone for further information:

President Vance Patrick:  jpatrick127831mi@comcast.net
Or by phone: 313 717 2017